Contact Officer is Al. He can be reached via Email or Mobile on 0407 198 247.

PLEASE NOTE - The PFRC range is for MEMBERS ONLY and that applicants and visitors are permitted to attend for calendar events only.

Trespassers will be Prosecuted

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PFRC Club Constitution
The Constitution of the Perth Field Rifle Club Incorporated also incorporating By-Laws, Standing Orders and Club Rules on the Range.

Provisional Application Form
Complete this form if seeking membership to the Club via the provisional application period of six months. See full details under Join Us.

Probationary Membership Form
Complete this form if applying for probationary membership. See full details under Join Us.

Club Support Form
Complete this form to apply for club support for a firearm(s) and give to the discipline delegate to be tabled at the next committee meeting.

  Applications for firearm support need to be given to the discipline delegate.
  You will need 6 qualifying shoots in the discipline in which you are seeking support.
  Retrospective shoots are only valid if the delegate agrees they are recent enough.
  There is a card available in the clubhouse for the delegate to sign off

Range Rules
Basic rules of the range that must be strictly adhered to so as to provide a safe and fun environment.

The current club event calendar. Please check back regularly as amendments are made throughout the year.